Trugs WordSearch 2

Trugs WordSearch 2

Trugs WordSearch 2
Trugs WordSearch 2
Trugs WordSearch 2
Trugs WordSearch 2
Trugs WordSearch 2
Trugs WordSearch 2

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About Trugs WordSearch 2

Trugs® is a structured phonics based English reading resource for school and home. Trugs Word Search is a structured word finder app to help read and identify words from the same Trugs phonics stage. This app is supplemental to the Trugs literacy card games and related activities, or can be used on its own.

Trugs Word Search App 2 covers Trugs Stages 6,7,8,9,11,12 and Tricky Words 2, listed below in the chart. Word Search 2 contains mid sized length words, typically 6 to 10 letter. Trugs Word Search 1 and 3 are available for early learners and more advanced readers.

How to Use the Trugs WordSearch:

  1. Choose the wordsearch grid size, Small 6x6 letters, Medium 8x8 letters or Large 12x12 letters. The Large grid is ideally suited to an iPad screen size.

  2. Select the Phonics Stage for the group of words to appear. See the table below for details of each Stage.

  3. Start the wordsearch. The words are shown on the left column. All words are show left to right, to assist with conventional reading. The challenge is to find the word. Ideally combine with reading and speaking the words from the left column before the search.

  4. The word list can be refreshed or replaced any time by tapping the “Refresh” button. The search can be Paused, and a New search can be started at anytime

  5. It is possible to see the highest score during the session.

Stage 6 - split digraph - two vowels split by a consonant, a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e, examples make, these, fine, code

Stage 7 - vowel digraphs and trigraphs - 2 vowels or 3 letters making one sound, ea, oa, oe, igh, examples snail, seen, light, boat, statue

Stage 8 - alternative vowel digraphs - alternative spellings for vowel digraphs - ew, air, er, or etc. examples boy, out, paw,

Stage 9 - two syllable words - examples limit, pilot

Stage 10 - contained in Word Search 3 due to long word lengths.

Stage 11 - ‘c’ as in /s/ - words where the letter c is used instead of letter s, examples mice, pencil, succeed

Stage 12 - ‘g’ as in /j/ - words where the letter g is used instead of letter j, examples gem, page, rigid

Tricky Words 2 - 66 more tricky words (phonically irregular)Irregular words not always following rules, examples know, would

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This app contains no adverts, no in-app purchases, no login required and no internet connection to run (after download).

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Key features

  • Phonics grouped wordsearch
  • Independent Study resource
  • Supports structure of Trugs cards
  • Teach Reading Using GameS
  • Challenging wordsearch, mid length words, typically 6-10 letters
  • Left to right reading for wordsearch
  • Word finder puzzle