TT Geometry

TT Geometry

When the app launches, all you have to do to get started is log in with your Teaching Textbooks parent account, and it will connect to your Geometry enrollment.
The student can do coursework, read the Ebook, see the Gradebook, and set various preferences to customize the app.
Each lesson covers a core concept with a lecture, and a set of problems to solve.
Every problem is displayed on the screen, and spoken by a human narrator. Students can use the device’s keyboard or our built-in keypad to enter the answer.
A built-in “Scratchpad” gives the student a handy place to work out solutions before submitting the answer.
Answers are graded with instant feedback, and the student always has the option to watch a detailed solution to every problem.
An Ebook version of our printed Geometry textbook is also built into the app. Students can search the whole book, and highlight text.
The student can customize how the app looks, with a wide selection of beautiful static or animated wallpapers.
The Gradebook shows the details of the student's progress through the course. As the parent, you can edit the Gradebook, or print it for your records.
From the Parent Home Page, you can monitor your students’ progress, manage your courses, and set preferences.

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About TT Geometry

This app provides access to ALL your Teaching Textbooks (TT) Geometry course materials on a Windows device! Enrollment in the TT Geometry course is required. The Teaching Textbooks Geometry app makes your TT course even better! Not only will your student enjoy math while learning independently, but, with the app, that learning can also take place on the go. Even when offline! Specifically, the app can be used offline for up to 6 lessons at a time. That makes it perfect for homeschool parents who need their kids to stay productive while the family is out and about during the day.

Key features

  • 110 audiovisual lectures that teach every core concept in the standard 10th grade curriculum
  • Thousands of problems that give students all the practice they need to master each concept
  • Automated grading and instant feedback for every single problem
  • Step-by-step audiovisual explanations to every single problem so students can see exactly how to get it right. This makes the program feel as if a tutor is at the student’s side!
  • Parental controls that let you track your student’s progress
  • The digitized version of the printed Teaching Textbooks Geometry textbook (with a search feature and a hyper-linked index)
  • No advertising or in-app purchase offers
  • Internet connectivity is required, but your student can work offline for up to 6 lessons at a time