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About TW01

Read the home time line Twitter app.
Displays the previous conversation on the timeline.
From old tweet to a new tweet singly as it is.
You have limited time to Twitter are great.
Approximately 750 singly (twitter specifications).
The loading of the first 50, otherwise it will read up to 200 Tweets.
Belt shown on-screen in the trial mode.
Web site has a sample video from seeing it.

Caution! In the update cache data will be cleared.

Change logs.
v1.0.1.0 Trial mode was enabled.
v1.2.0.0 Supports resume functionality. Etc.
v1.2.1.0 Authentication screen changes and bug fix.
v1.2.2.0 Authentication screen changes.
v1.2.3.0 Accept ratio corresponds to 16:09 (Lumia930 etc).
v1.3.0.0 RT with comment.
v1.4.0.0 Display RT with comment & conversation.
v1.4.0.1 App Name change.
v1.5.0.0 Auto-loading at the top and bottom.
v1.5.0.1 bug fix.
v1.5.0.2 bug fix.
v1.5.0.3 bug fix.
v1.5.1.0 Spain language support & bug Fix.
v1.6.0.0 Mentions and search-enabled.
v1.6.0.1 bug fix.
v1.6.0.2 Stability improvements.
v2.0.0.0 Added support for multiple image upload.
v2.0.1.0 Reduction of memory usage.
v2.0.1.1 bug fix.
v2.0.2.0 ☆→♡ and bug fix.
v2.1.0.0 Search text input improvements and bug fix.
v2.1.1.0 Change the behavior of the search box.
v2.1.2.0 On the flick page changes.(Windows Phone 8)
v2.2.0.0 Corresponding to the selected image on / off settings and font size.(Windows Phone 8)
v2.2.1.0 The improvement of the response.
v3.0.0.0 Hello UWP.
v3.1.0.0 For video playback and upload.(UWP)
v3.2.0.0 140 characters support & bug fix.
v3.2.1.0 Usability improvements and bug fixes.
v3.2.2.0 Usability improvements and bug fixes.
v3.2.3.0 Change the availability of the trial.
v3.3.0.0 Change the display URL of material for display.
v3.3.1.0 Increasing the font size of the area to tweet, easy to work on a tablet.
v3.4.0.0 It made it easy to see the display of the conversation.
v3.4.1.0 App name change & bug fix.
v3.4.2.0 App name change.

Key features

  • Displey quote Tweets.
  • Displey conversation.
  • Tweet.
  • Reply.
  • RT.
  • Quote Tweets.
  • Favo.
  • Time tap open in the browser.
  • twitter
  • ツイッター