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Basic details of the patient. Retrieve past data based on the patient's ID.
Details to be entered for chief complaints and on Examination. Varies for each practice.
Prescribe medication with dosage and timings.
Preview the prescription. This can be printed or emailed.
Charts to analyze the patients history. Zoom each graph separately.
Purchase options for the storage cabinets. Every page with detailed instructions.
Search options for the patient's files in cabinets.

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About Vaidya Rx

Vaidya Rx is designed for doctors to write prescriptions where tracking and maintaining of the patients details is more effective, portable and personalized. Prescriptions for practices like Pediatrician, Gynaecologist and Physician can be maintained separately. In each section patient details like Complaints, Investigate, and Prescribe can be captured. The information as Temperature, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Group etc.; along with the graphs based on patient history. Avoid the patients to carry their prescription every time. Print or Email the prescription to patient’s email Id.

Key features

  • One time Doctors details entry for any number of prescriptions
  • Capture Patient's Information as one time entry
  • Each prescription has to signed to be printed or emailed
  • Scheduled details of the prescribed medication is represented in the form of dots
  • Capture section wise patient details like Complaints, Investigate, Prescribe
  • Doctor's specialization in Pediatrician, Gynecology and Physician
  • Historical data available anytime & anywhere
  • Representation of the patient data in the form of graphs, helps you analyse the patient history
  • Free to use upto 30 prescriptions
  • Cloud cabinets on montly based license for storage of prescriptions, Dynamically increase / decrease cabinets anytime based on your needs.
  • Local cabinets on annual basis for storing unlimted prescriptions