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The Video watermark Remover by SoftOrbits is incredible to the list of other amazing tools provided by them. It provides the best user experience, consumes less time, and provides high-quality results.
The videos can be easily edited with the optimized processing speed of the software by using the Video watermark remover by SoftOrbits. The features of the application are easier to understand with a user interface.

Video Watermark Remover

Adding a watermark to pictures and videos provide security to the creators up to some extent. On the other hand, the presence of a watermark in the video looks quite annoying, There is a number of software in this regard which provide the facility of removing it. There are more features added to this program than just watermark removal.


● Subtitles
Most videos contain embedded subtitles and time and date overlays, and the video watermark remover will enable to you remove all of the unwanted items from the video and make it more attractive

● Transparent watermarks
A marker tool is provided by the application to remove the transparent watermark. It highlights the transparent watermark, so its removal is easier. You only have to click a few times, and the hidden transparent watermark will be removed. High-quality results make the features of this software extraordinary.

● Auto
Another incredible feature is removing the watermark in a smarter way. The automatic removing watermark checks and removes the watermark from the picture automatically. These smart features attract the attention of beginners and provide an adaptive experience. Automatically, the undesired items will not be part of your favorite picture anymore.

● Manual
A special tool for manually removing the watermark from the picture. It also includes the concealer tool, smudge brush, and stamp tool. These tools are used manually and ultimately provide the best results. Likewise, these manually used features are ultimately best at their work.

● Add watermark
After removing all of the desired items from the picture, including buildings, cars, or people, you are enabled to add your own custom watermark into the videos. It provides authority towards the rights of the picture. The addition of a watermark does not distort the quality of the picture and looks natural in the picture.

● Additional Features
There are a number of features that come along with the feature of removing watermarks from the videos. You can even remove the watermark in just a few seconds from the video using this tool.

The quality of results ultimately becomes the best part of using this software. You do not have to buy the costly software that provides complex interfaces and limited features for numerous options to edit a picture. Instead, you can simply install this application to enter into an era of opportunities.

The addition of different effects in the videos, editing it by using different incredible options provided by the tool is a task of few clicks as the software comprises of optimized processing speed.

The application has compatibility with many versions of the Windows operating system and provides the best user experience with it.

After completing the installation options, you will be provided with a tutorial for using each feature of the application. The program’s less complex and easy-to-understand interface provides its users with the best experience.

The optimized processing of each option of the software makes the work speed faster and consumes less time. In addition, the user-friendly interface provides usage of each tool in an adaptive way.

Any user is able to check program’s functions before purchasing. The unregistered version has no functional limitations and only final result is protected.
In the unregistered version you can save only 3 minutes of video or less if the video less than 3 minutes.

Key features

  • Easy Video Conversion
  • Smart Fill face
  • Add Watermark
  • Transparent Watermarks