Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro

Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro

Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro
Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro
Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro

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About Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro

  1. What is Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro?
    Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro is a software that simulates plastic surgery. The software processes digital photos to achieve the effect of plastic simulation.

  2. Which users are suitable for Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro?
    A. Beauty seekers: Beauty seekers can easily use this software to simulate the effect of plastic surgery on their own, without the need for professional medical equipment, and without having to go to the hospital or meet with a plastic surgeon, you can obtain a preliminary reference of the plastic surgery effect.
    B. Plastic surgeon or consultant: By using this software, it is more convenient and intuitive to simulate the effect of plastic surgery, and provide strong support for patients to design cosmetic programs.
    C. Retouching designer: Use this software to beautify people’s photos. Of course, you can also do spoofing.

  3. How to use Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro?
    If you need to simulate the shape of the front face, import a decent and clear picture of the front face. If you need to simulate the shape of the side face or other parts of the body, import a photo of the relevant body part.

  4. What functions does the current version of the Virtual Plastic Surgery Pro provide?
    At present, the software can simulate most plastic surgery projects, including some photo beautification and common tools.
    A. Face:
    Face Thin
    Face Chin
    Face Lower Jaw
    Face Temple
    Face Philtrum
    Face Whitening
    B. Eye
    Eye Inner Corner
    Eye Outer Corner
    Eye Lower Move Down
    Eye Position Horizontal
    Eye Position Vertical
    Eye Size
    Eye Size Horizontal
    Eye Size Vertical
    Eye Rotation
    C. Brow
    Brow Position Horizontal
    Brow Position Vertical
    Brow Rotation
    Brow Size
    Brow Size Horizontal
    Brow Size Vertical
    D. Nose
    Nose Position Horizontal
    Nose Position Vertical
    Nose Size
    Nose Rotation
    Nose Size Horizontal
    Nose Size Vertical
    Nose Nasal Base
    E. Mouth
    Mouth M Lips
    Mouth Corner Rise
    Mouth Size
    Mouth Size Horizontal
    Mouth Size Vertical
    Mouth Position Horizontal
    Mouth Position Vertical
    Mouth Rotation
    F. Body
    Universal Deform Tool
    Universal Copy Tool
    G. Common Tools
    Adjust Color

  5. What are the precautions for using the software?
    A. The plastic surgery effect produced by this software is only the effect simulated by computer, it has huge differences from the actual plastic surgery, and it is even impossible to achieve. You cannot use the plastic surgery effect produced by this software as the basis for your decision on actual plastic surgery or related behaviors.
    Plastic surgery involves a very high risk. Before considering plastic surgery, you must go to a regular hospital, consult a qualified plastic surgeon, and make a comprehensive assessment of the details, possibilities, success rates, final results, and costs of the specific plastic surgery.
    B. You only need to make one payment to use the software and related services for life, and get subsequent version upgrades for free. The subsequent versions will add more simulation and shaping projects and continuously improve the authenticity of the simulation.

Key features

  • virtual plastic cosmetic surgery simulator