Vision AI Suite Camera Adapter

Vision AI Suite Camera Adapter

On-edge Computer Vision
On-edge Computer Vision
Rich Dashboards
Seamless Registration
Touchless Clinic Management
Touchless Canteen
Crowd Tracking

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About Vision AI Suite Camera Adapter

Mint’s Vision AI Suite is a series of products for extracting data from images. The camera adapter is the edge processing component enables the Mint Vision Track SaaS product to monitor a variety of video sources.

Supported sources include: USB cameras, RTPS streams, pre-recorded video files and shared windows (e.g. Teams call or YouTube). Once a camera feed is connected, the adapter will track and extract objects of interest from the video feed based on the configured Detector.

The adapter is intended to be be used with the Tracker product and will configure itself based on your tenant. To get set up using Mint Vision Tracker, contact us on [email protected]. This adapter is intended for smaller installations (i.e. less than 4 cameras), demo or testing your Vision Trackers. For large deployments, contact us to set up the Docker hosted camera.

Key features

  • Face Recognition
  • Edge-Based Computer Vision
  • Powerful Integration Features
  • Access Control
  • Crowd Tracking
  • Public Displays of Private Information
  • Health Screening
  • Object Detection
  • Voice, Touch and Visual Interaction