VZV KB MIDI Keyboard

VZV KB MIDI Keyboard

VZV KB MIDI Keyboard
VZV KB MIDI Keyboard
VZV KB MIDI Keyboard

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About VZV KB MIDI Keyboard

VZV-KB is an onscreen music keyboard and MIDI controller. You can use it to play music through the standard Windows GS synthesizer, or through any MIDI port (real or virtual) on your system to control other MIDI external devices or internal software. To interface to other software you will need to use a virtual MIDI port software such as LoopMIDI (not included). Used with network MIDI or bluetooth MIDI, it converts any tablet into a handy roaming keyboard controller!

VZV-KB can be controlled by either mouse or by touch screen. With a mouse, simply click on the notes. With touch screen, you can play multiple notes as chords by touch. There is a modulation wheel which can be switched to a pitch bender and controls for changing MIDI bank and program number on the target, which enables selecting different voices.

The software is ideal if you want a simple standalone music keyboard on your touch device, or for quickly testing MIDI hardware and software without the need for a real keyboard and hardware connection. Also great for quickly trying out a melody that has popped into your head if you’re a composer.

Useful for serious musical work or just having fun!

Key features

  • Touch screen or mouse control
  • Full 127 note MIDI piano style keyboard
  • Control Windows internal synth (default) or any MIDI output, real or virtual
  • Modulation wheel/pitch bend
  • "Stylo mode" allows dragging from key to key while mouse button is held
  • Ergonomic interface using panels which flip above or below the keyboard
  • Keyboard can be position locked or dragged left or right to access entire range - even while playing!
  • Height of keyboard can be scaled by simply dragging its header bar, when not locked.
  • MIDI Panic button (all notes off)
  • Unique "intelligent" keypad design for entering MIDI values 0-127
  • Lightweight, runs on low specification tablets (if Windows 10/11 compatible)
  • Mod wheel control by mouse wheel when a note is held down (mouse required)
  • Adjustable note width