Walls - Wallpapers made Easy

Walls - Wallpapers made Easy

Adjust and position images across all your monitors with live feedback
Quick access to all the recent images you have used
Adjust the background color of your wallpaper.
Full control over your monitor position, resolution and size.
Search for the perfect wallpaper using various built in engines and powerful keywords.
Setup a slideshow of wallpapers
Adjust images on the fly without changing the original image.

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About Walls - Wallpapers made Easy

Walls lets you take images and position them so they stretch across all your Monitors. You can on the fly, and without changing the original image, change colors, size, rotation. And all this with Real Time feedback on your actual desktops.

Additionally it has built in search engines to quickly find and use these Ultra HD images you actually need for your huge Monitors. And of course you can also run a Slideshow with a selection of images.

If you have a bunch of nice big Monitors sitting on your table and want to have one huge Wallpaper
that covers them all you usually run into some of these problems

  • There is no easy way to stretch one Image across all your Monitors
  • Your Monitors may have different resolution and sizes which leads to distortions
  • The positions of your Monitors and the gaps between them lead to broken images
  • Adjusting or moving the background image is very hard to do

Well, Walls solves all these problems in a convenient and easy way!

Key features

  • Create Multi-Monitor Wallpapers on the fly and in Realtime
  • Powerful non destructive image adjustments (Color, Size, Rotation)
  • Create slideshow that run across all your Monitors
  • Easy to use and beautiful user interface
  • Heavily optimized for fast image processing
  • Built in search for Wallpaper images