watchX Blocks

watchX Blocks

Connect code blocks easily
Drag and drop code blocks from the side menu
Navigate the side-scrolling menu for examples, games, and more...
Check dictionary of blocks for extra explanations
Explore built-in examples to better understand coding
Explore built-in watch faces to use your watchX in your daily life
Explore built-in games

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About watchX Blocks

watchX Blocks is a visual coding editor for watchX. It simply offers an easy-to-use interface. Connect the code blocks together and construct your code. You can also see your code being built in the Arduino format on the right side. After finishing your code, all you have to do is press the upload button and run your code on your watchX.

You can check the side-scrolling menu for examples, pre-made watch firmware, and more. If you want to know more about a code block, left-click on it and go to the help section.

Key features

  • Generates Arduino code for watchX with visual drag-and-drop blocks
  • Finds the USB port automatically
  • Uploads the code to watchX
  • Includes different example codes
  • Includes different watch firmware
  • Useful "dictionary of watchX Blocks"
  • Useful "code block warnings"
  • Saves and opens code in .wxb file format
  • Exports the code as Arduino Sketch
  • Works on Windows 8.1 or newer / Linux / Mac OS X