Webcam Capture 4K

Webcam Capture 4K

Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K
Webcam Capture 4K

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About Webcam Capture 4K

Record video in 4K and other resolutions from any camera or capture device with audio from any microphone.

Pause and resume recording as many times as you like. Record non-stop 24/7, single file length is configurable up to 170 minutes in application settings, new file recording starts automatically. Change resolution and microphone on the fly in preview mode.

Take photos by a click of a button in any resolution in both preview and recording modes. Supported photo formats are JPEG, PNG, BMP, JPEG-XR and HEIF.

Adjust brightness, contrast, focus, hue, white balance, exposure, zoom, pan, tilt, rotation, backlight compensation and powerline frequency on camera’s hardware level at any time in preview and recoding.
Rotate video by 90, 180 and 270 degrees in preview and recoding.

Use built-in face detection engine to detect faces in preview or recording and auto-save images with faces.

Use built-in programmatic video stabilization effect to smooth out the vibrations and create smooth video captures.

Select folders for videos, photos and images with faces in application settings as well as define video file name (automatic name based on ISO 8601 or manual).

Zoom in and out in preview up to 10 times by keyboard + mouse wheel or two-finger pinch gesture on touch screen or touch pad.

Select application color theme on the fly at any time as light or dark.

Resume connection to camera and microphone automatically on application start or when resuming from minimized state.

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