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About Webcam Pro

Introducing Webcam Pro: Your All-in-One Webcam Surveillance Application!
Webcam Pro is a versatile and powerful application that enhances your webcam experience while providing top-notch surveillance capabilities for both home and office use. From high-quality webcam previews to monitoring features, Webcam Pro offers everything you need to stay connected and secure.


  1. Webcam Preview & Surveillance:

    • Real-time webcam preview for seamless video monitoring.
    • Easily switch between webcams for comprehensive surveillance at home and office.
  2. Camera Resolution & Frame Rate:

    • Customize camera settings for optimal video quality and smoothness.
    • Enjoy crystal-clear footage during surveillance or virtual meetings.
  3. Preview Rotation & Flip View:

    • Adjust webcam orientation to fit any space or monitor setup.
    • Flip the view for better positioning in home or office environments.
  4. Audio Monitoring:

    • Listen to webcam audio for complete situational awareness.
    • Perfect for monitoring or detecting sound anomalies.
  5. Capture Photos:

    • Capture high-quality photos directly from the webcam preview.
  6. Auto-Upload to OneDrive:

    • Seamlessly save surveillance photos to your OneDrive for secure storage.
    • Access footage remotely from any device, ensuring peace of mind.
  7. Automated Email Notifications:

    • Receive email alerts with surveillance snapshots for real-time updates.
    • Stay informed about home or office activities even when away.
  8. Multi-Webcam Layouts:

    • Customize your surveillance view with multiple webcam layouts.
    • Monitor various areas simultaneously for comprehensive coverage.

Webcam Pro is the ultimate solution for webcam enthusiasts, professionals, and those seeking enhanced security. With its seamless webcam preview and surveillance features, Webcam Pro ensures you never miss a moment, whether it’s capturing memories, or safeguarding your home and office. Download Webcam Pro now and enjoy the best of webcam technology and surveillance capabilities in one user-friendly application!

Key features

  • Webcam Preview for Surveillance: Real-time video monitoring for home and office security.
  • Camera Resolution & Frame Rate: Customizable settings for clear and smooth footage.
  • Preview Rotation & Flip View: Adjust webcam orientation for any setup or location.
  • Audio Monitoring: Listen to webcam audio for complete situational awareness.
  • Photo Capture & Surveillance Snaps: Capture high-quality photos.
  • Auto-Upload to OneDrive: Save surveillance photos securely for remote access.
  • Automated Email Notifications: Receive real-time alerts with captured photos.
  • Multi-Webcam Layouts: Monitor multiple areas at once with flexible layout options.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for effortless webcam preview.
  • Enhanced Security: Safeguard data and privacy during surveillance operations.