Webcam Security Camera - Use Webcam as Cloud IP Camera

Webcam Security Camera - Use Webcam as Cloud IP Camera

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About Webcam Security Camera - Use Webcam as Cloud IP Camera

The app is free. It can save the cost of buying an IP camera; but the cloud recording service is NOT FREE. This app is part of CameraFTP’s Cloud Surveillance Service for Home and Business. It is not required. You can use regular IP cameras / DVRs.

This app can use webcam as network security camera. It supports the built-in webcam or an external USB webcam to monitor your home or business. Webcam Security Camera can keep recording and uploading footage to cloud storage. You can view / play back the recorded footage from anywhere at any time.

Compared with other security cameras/DVRs, this is the easiest and most affordable way to setup your home / business security and monitoring system; it is also more secure than regular security systems. A regular CCTV/DVR system stores the recorded data locally. If the system is destroyed, you lose all recorded data. Standard IP cameras don’t include any storage, so you will need to use cloud based FTP storage. CameraFTP offers not only cloud-based storage, but also many advanced features, such as web browser-based player, and Camera Viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

CameraFTP is a leading Cloud Surveillance and Recording service provider. Our service works with IP cameras that support FTP (most IP / network cameras do support FTP). You don’t need to order any expensive proprietary cameras; you can even use webcams, smart phones and tablets as your security cameras. The service starts at only $1.50/month/camera for image recording and $2.50/camera/month for video recording.

CameraFTP is a subsidiary of Based in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is the first Enterprise Cloud IT service provider with over 3 million users.

Key features

  • Makes your webcam a network security camera;
  • Supports motion detection and motion recording;
  • Records images or videos to the cloud; intruders cannot delete your recorded footage;
  • Can record continuously;
  • Support front, back and external USB webcams;
  • Live view or playback from any devices or web browsers.