Weight Diary

Weight Diary

Add pictures to your weight diary...
or simply display the entire value chart graphic...
document your activities...
and your nutrition...
look at your weight diary in the morning...
and get yourself motivated for the day!
Your diary is available on all your windows devices, PC...
Tablet PC...
or mobile phone.

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About Weight Diary

Document your difficult path to your desired weight!
Don’t just note your daily weight!
What’s the most difficult in diet? To keep it up!
Keep up your motivation by documenting your weight progression.
Note your particular successes as well as reasons why you didn’t succeed with the daily weight reduction.
Who hasn’t been on… the girls night, the joint evening of football, the barbeque in the garden or the ice cream,
that you MUST have even though the nice wetter makes it impossible not to think about your bikini figure.
To have the possibility to look back to a diet monitoring, that explains a lack of success during various stages
will help you to keep up motivation to achieve your objectives, even if you’re experiencing a difficult period.

Key features

  • The free version of Weight Diary you can use for unlimited time -as often as you like.
  • Your data will be synchronized automatically on all your devices.When you enter a weight or change a notice on your mobile phone, it will appear also on you tablet or PC or vice versa.