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About Wendy's Weight Watchers Pro

Wendy’s Weight Watchers Pro uses the algorithm of the original Weight Watchers program. Weight Watchers recently changed the system to the new way of calculating points. This app is for people who prefer the older system of points.

Calculate the number of points using fiber, calories, and fat grams. In addition, you can select the number of servings you wish to include in the calculation. For example, If 1 serving is 2 points, but the actual point count is 1.7, then 2 servings will come to 3 points (3.4). Wendy’s Weight Watcher Pro features a home screen widget and a simple calculator that uses both the original and new Weight Watchers algorithms to determine Weight Watchers points.

Please note that this application is not affiliated with Weight Watchers.

Key features

  • Simple calculator to determine Weight Watchers points
  • Uses new and old algorithm
  • Calculate number of portions