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About Wherever Workout

Great routines for when you’re working, travelling, or just crazy busy!

Never again have a reason to not workout!

Working with experts, our team has filled the WHEREVER WORKOUT app with great exercises and complete routines, designed for when you’re working, travelling, or just crazy busy! WHEREVER WORKOUT doesn’t try to replace your daily routine; instead, it’s for all those other days when life gets in the way of staying healthy.

The WHEREVER WORKOUT app lets you choose your situation to workout in. Are you stuck in the office? Do you only have 15 minutes? Are you in a hotel? Are you at home with just a set of dumbbells? Are you stuck in an airplane seat and need a stretch? It has routines for everything, from simple stretching to keep you feeling loose and happy, to quick hard workouts so when you get back to your regular routine, you’re not starting from scratch.

To design these routines we talked people who know all about staying healthy no matter wherever you are. Such as Gary Beaumont who is an ex British Military Physical Training Instructor and has created some amazing exercises where staying in shape is the top concern. His exercise routines workout the whole body, not just superficial areas, giving you a wide range of fit routines for a wide range of skills.

So check it out. And never have an excuse not workout again.

By the way, we love helpful feedback! Write us at [email protected] and let us know what you think.

Key features

  • Over 70 exercises assembled into dozens of great routines.
  • Routines designed by professional trainers for small spaces and limited equipment.
  • Track your progress through an awards system.
  • Integrated sound and images.
  • Pause the workout to look at detailed exercise descriptions.