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Will the computer be able to foresee what you are thinking?

“Fortune teller” is a simple game that will manage to foresee your thought. . .

We do not stop repeating and listening to the ditty of which nowadays the computers can do of everything, but. : will your computer be able to foresee the thought to you?.

Test “Foresees” and you will verify it.

Fortune teller is a Game (program) that will allow you to happen a little bit entertained while you discover how it does the computer to foresee the thought.

Fortune teller is a program or I play much sencillito, completely free and constructed in Spanish language. It does not occupy scarcely space and it is very light. If you him turn, in the end you will find the mathematical reason of this curious program. Continue its instructions and verify it. It foresees. . .

Fortune teller starts by requesting that you think a number of two numbers. When you should have it thought-out he will ask you to locate this number in a table in which every number is associated with a symbol. Without you having to realize no other action on the window of the program, this one foreseeing to you the symbol associated with the number that you had thought.

Since you will be able to verify, the quantity of symbols that appear in the table makes practically impossible that they are hit at random, but the secret consists of the fact that you have not given him to the program any track on the number that you have thought. . . .

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