Wine Units

Wine Units

Overview of regular wine bottle sizes
Overview of special wine bottle sizes
Overview of wine barrel sizes
Overview of different kinds of wine containers
Regular wine bottles in dark app mode
Wine containers overview in dark app mode.

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About Wine Units

Over the centuries, people kept wine in different containers: amphorae, barrels, bottles, cases, etc. They also gave them names and used different sizes. This app displays four groups of wine containers and their names: regular bottle sizes, unusual bottle sizes, barrel sizes and different other containers. Within each group, the app compares the bottles, barrels or containers are compared against each other and gives their volume in liter, US gal and Imp gal.

Colorful backgrounds, dynamic selections and several little animations make these overviews attractive an beautiful. The app also detects light and dark screen settings and adapts the overview accordingly.

There are five supported languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch). If possible, the app starts using the default language on your device or uses English as a default language.

Key features

  • Click or tap an image to get an animation and full comparison within a group.
  • The app detects light or dark settings on your device and adapts its overviews accordingly.