Word Maker - Task Navigator
Word Maker - This is where your game starts.   After you install this application, you will need to create your Boards and Letter Sets.
Word Maker - Board Builder.
Word Maker - Letter Set designer.
Word Maker - the application has a Board, a Letter Set, and the players have names.  Let's solve some word problems.
Word Maker.   Make words from the letters  (n, t, s, i, i, l, and g).
Word Maker.  The opponent played the word, "loving" on the actual board game you were playing on.  Now, we just have to get that word onto the board.
Word Maker.  After several words have been played.
Word Maker.  See a list of word.  Listen to each word.  Don't forget to download Spelling Tutor Pro, and make a list so you an study.  Word Maker and Spelling Tutor Pro are tools to help you build a vocabulary.

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About WordMakerV1

If you play scrabble, and need a tool to help, Word Maker is that tool. This application will assistant you in generating words from random tiles. As the board gets more and more words, Word Maker will generate words that solve the board.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to build your own board and letter sets. It’s fun. This application has both a board building feature and letter set creator. See view the images I have provided to see the board builder and letter set generator.

After you design your boards and letter sets, you can challenge your friends and/or computer bots and start winning. In the process, you might actually learn some new words.

Key features

  • Build your own board
  • Build your own Letter Set (how many instances of each character, and their points)
  • Unravel random characters into real words
  • Sort out new words from an array of possibilities
  • Learn new words and use Wiki to provide definition.