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About YMCast

Control your Yamaha MusicCast compatible equipment on Windows, with a simple application where all your devices are accessible in a global display.

The application allows you to :

  • Automatically discover all MusicCast compatible devices on your local network.
  • Switch on / off each device.
  • Control playback / pause, adjust / mute the volume, activate / deactivate the random playback on each speaker.
  • Set (or mute/unmute) the overall volume, applying to all devices at the same time.
  • Create links between devices, like in the official smartphone application provided by Yamaha, for the multiroom broadcasting.
  • Change the playback source : Server (DLNA) or NET Radio only, and navigate through directories to choose music to play.
    (For other sources like Spotify for example : just play music in their application (Spotify app) on your MusicCast speakers. YMCast will detect the change of source automatically).

Additional informations :

  • The trial version allows you to make sure the application works with your MusicCast devices.
  • If all the devices are not detected during the first automatic discovery :
    Your can restart the search for devices via the menu (as many times as necessary if you wish).
    Make sure that the equipment is plugged in, turned on and connected to your network (by Wifi or Ethernet)
  • This application has been initially tested with the following devices : WX-010, YAS-306, and YSP-1600.

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